Coastal Compass

Education & Career Resource Center

Hi-Res Creative has always been passionate about promoting educational and professional advancement opportunities to the residents of the Coastal Bend. That’s why last year, after hearing about a brand new organization that does just that, our team partnered with the Coastal Compass Education and Career Resource Center to spearhead their website and digital marketing needs. As a non-profit organization that needed the skill and talent of a talented creative team that could also affordable, we offered our services at a reduced rate and got to work.

After weeks of research in pre-production, our team created a new website with original, customized content designed to target the organization’s key demographics. In addition, our team has also created the organization’s logo, developed a mobile app on Android that is integrated with many of the site’s key features, included an event calendar with venue and organizer information, designed marketing materials such as custom brochures and window signage and have implemented a monthly newsletter that is maintained by our staff. In addition, we have also been deeded with managing the organization’s Facebook page and were instrumental in the execution of several  advertising campaigns across a variety of media including flyers, television commercials and radio spots in both English and Spanish.

Coastal Compass Education & Career Resource Center

Website Design, Mobile App, Print Media, Radio, TV

Jonathan Swindle, David Brown, Marco Carbajal, Robert Moses

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