3 Stars Visas


Website development & SEO


Jonathan Swindle

As our very first client (and a large one at that) it was paramount that the 3 Stars Visas project set a certain standard in both quality and functionality for our growing business. In preparation for the website project, it was important to first consider that the unique needs of this particular business entity. As an international visa and passport company with offices in Houston, London and Rio de Janeiro, the project was slated to include over 80 pages across two sub-sites (corporate and consumer) under the company’s main site.

The completed website design is streamlined and easy to use for both corporate clients and private citizens. The website is built completely with HTML coding, and has also been recently updated to allow for an easy transition when we begin utilizing search engine optimization (SEO) practices. As with all our clients after a project, we also worked closely with the staff to ensure that each employee was familiar with the functions of the site and thoroughly trained to implement its use as a part of their daily operations.

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